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China Plastic Injection Molding

TEAM MFG is one of the best manufacturing companies that specializes in injection molding and low to high volume manufacturing. We offer our customers a significant cost reduction (often higher than 50%) both on injection molding and the production of custom injection molding parts.
Part Size: 60 x 60 x 38.2 CM

Material: PP

Process: Injection Molding

Cavity: 4 Cavities

Mold Steel: P20

Tool Lifetime: 50,000 Shots

China Plastic Injection Molding


TEAM MFG is one of the best manufacturing companies that specializes in injection molding and low to high volume manufacturing. We offer our customers a significant cost reduction (often higher than 50%) both on injection molding and the production of custom injection molding parts.


China_Plastic_Injection_MoldingPlastic Injection Molds and Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is one of a stable manufacturing process used to produce low or high volumes custom plastic parts for varies of products. Plastic injection molding spans a range of industries from simple products like business card holder to intricate automobile safety components.


Combining with skilled mold designers, rich tooling and molding experiences, and the use of precised CNC machinery, TEAM MFG builds molds for plastic injection that are used to produce excellent quality plastic molded parts. Our injection molding experts are looking forward to working with your plastic injection molding projects, we will give you the best proposal and support to make your custom molded parts at high quality but low cost!


How does Plastic Injection Molding Works

We can break down the plastic injection molding process into a few essential steps to understand how it works and why it’s effective process in manufacturing.


The feed hopper, the screw and the heated barrel are the 3 main components in injection molding machine. The machine works as a power to take plastic powder or granules inject into the mold to shape a part according to the dimensions according to the mold cavity.


The plastic granules goes through the feed hopper into the screw. Under the right melting temperature, the plastic turn onto liquid, and then injection into the mold cavity by frictional action of the screw. Finally, the liquid plastic cools and cope the shape as the cavity.


We can have multi cavities plastic injection mold for single part or a family mold for different parts. For the multi cavities mold, molders can use switch gate system to create parts out of multiple plastics. It is also able to have insert molding or overmolding in plastic injection molding process.


The process of injection molding seem simple, but actually, it in is a very complicated process that require the right equipment as well as the right expertise. However, when you execute the process correctly, you can get consistently excellent plastic injection molded parts!

Main Applications of Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is used to create many things in our live. Packaging, bottle caps, wire spools, automotive parts and most of plastic parts among some of things are manufactured through this process. It is the most common method used widely in producing plastic parts from low to high volumes of the same object.


Why Plastic Injection Molding China

1. Reduce equipment investment costs

Once you buy plastic injection molding parts from China, there would be no need for you to purchase an injection molding machine in house to produce. The machine is the major cost though out the whole process of injection molding. You can buy the injection molding services from China, get the qualified parts without investment not only on the molding machine but also on quality assurance tools and other equipment. Furthermore, there are many Chinese companies offer OEM services from rapid prototypes to mass productions, you can get low cost qualified products easily.


2. Dodge maintenance costs

Having an injection molding machine in-house, it means you need to take maintenance costs into considerations. The injection machine is a complex device which you need to input lots of time and money for its regular maintenance and checkup, especially for the machines needed special skill to repair. If you go ahead with china plastic injection molding, then these costs are now shoulder by your injection molding manufacture in China.


3. Save up on labor costs

You always need to hire certified skills and qualifications people to operate your injection molding machines in-house. These peoples have rich injection molding experiences, they can help you to shoot down the molding issues throughout your injection molding project, they are skillful persons who demand salaries much higher than the average factory workers. If you go ahead with plastic injection molding china, then you are able to save up on labor costs for these so-called injection molding machine specialists.


Contact TEAM MFG for Plastic Injection Molding

China plastic injection molding manufacturers are arguably the best in the manufacturing industry. China injection molding manufactures can offer your company extensive knowledge and expertise in plastic injection molding. This factor allows you to have a high quality molds to eventually get excellent quality plastic products. The products quality as well as the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process deeply impact not only on your production but also your entire business operations.


Injection molding is a complex process, it involves a series of knowledge, which you can not handle it easily overnight. Even if you can have the information in the internet in the present day, but experience is not something that you can simply preach. China plastic injection molding manufacturers such as TEAM MFG who works in injection molding over decade and as a company solely dedicated in injection molding manufacturing. We are also up to date with research and development on this particular field.


China injection molding manufacturers always follow up with the ISO standards with proper employee training and QA tools maintaining in the plastic molding manufacturing industry. All these guides give the company and employees an advantage to be a step ahead compared to other countries in injection molding manufacturing for qualified plastic molded parts.


If you are looking for plastic injection molding China, you should not only pay for injection molding manufacturing but also gain access to their equipment, resources and working culture.Being exposed to their work ethics and culture in terms of plastic manufacturing is a big boost for your company, this advantage is often overlooked by a lot of plastic businesses. You get to experience an efficient streamlined manufacturing process with the right backup options in place in case things go awry.


China plastic injection molding suppler such as TEAM MFG, we are not only offer injection molding services but also pressure die casting services to meet your low volume manufacturing to mass production needs. Our services will not only be limited to injection mold manufacturing but will also include assistance to design conception, engineering, sampling and other facts of manufacturing. Your partnership with us can also serve as mentorship which could be beneficial to your up and coming plastic business for many years to come.


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TEAM MFG is a rapid manufacturing company who specializes in ODM and OEM starts in 2015.

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