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Injection Molding Prototype

A good injection mold prototype is essential during the development of plastic injection components. TEAM MFG will work with you to develop injection molding prototype that will work successfully for your project.

Plastic Injection Molding Prototype

A good injection mold prototype is essential during the development of plastic injection components. TEAM MFG will work with you to develop injection molding prototype that will work successfully for your project.


Plastic injection molding prototypes are ideal for fast-paced development. They can be painted or decorated to appear as if they are the final product.


Our prototype injection molding process begins with the injection of plastic material into a mold cavity. The resin and colorants are then introduced into an injection barrel.


Our Prototype Injection Molding Machines

With our injection machines ranging from 50 to 500 tons, we can provide engineering-grade plastic parts at an affordable price from 10 to 100,000+ plastic parts.


Injection Molded Prototypes vs 3D Printed Prototypes

3D printing technology is becoming more prevalent in the world of prototype injection molding. This technology can be used for many different applications. You should be aware of each prototyping method’s strong points to understand which is best suited for your application.


3D Printing Prototypes

Evolving designs that are still in concept stages

Very low quantity requirements

Lead times of 1-15 days


Injection Molding Prototypes

Finished designs that need real world testing

Prototype quantities that exceed 100 pcs

Lead times of 2-5 weeks


Although 3D printing is commonly used for supporting prototypes, it can also be very useful for developing a finished product. This benefit can be applied when preparing for production.Testing the chosen production material along with the injection mold design offers the manufacturer a preview of any potential problems.

Plastic Prototype Tooling & Molding

Rapid prototyping is often good for testing fit and form, but often, it doesn't provide enough time to thoroughly test the real parts and materials. Instead, try using prototype injection molding. This process can help get the parts you need quickly, without the time constraints typically associated with traditional production.


A plastic injection mold is very important in the design and development of a new product, as it can provide a fast, low-cost way to produce parts for fit and function tests.

Prototype Injection Molds vs Production Injection Molds

There are a lot of generic names and assumptions for plastic injection molds. These names and terms can be very confusing to the buyers and engineers of custom molded parts.


There is a common misconception that a prototype injection mold is different from a production injection mold. In reality, there are many different types of injection molds and their differences.


Rapid prototype injection mold is a type of mold that can be produced at significantly less cost than traditional mold tooling. However, it should be assumed that any mold that is made using 3D printing or 3D printed is a good fit for this process.


This service is usually used for low-volume molding. However, it can also be utilized for prototypes that are made from aluminum.


This article talks about the distinction between aluminum and soft tooling. Back in the old school, if a plastic injection mold made out of aluminum was considered a prototype, it should have a limited tool life.


Sometimes, customers ask if they can build an aluminum prototype mold. Generally, the type of metal used to make the mold does not determine if the product should be considered a production mold or a prototype mold.


A prototype aluminum mold is different from a production aluminum mold because it has a design feature that is specific to a limited number of prototypes and injection molding parts.


Many engineers and buyers in the injection molding industry believe that production injection mold should be made from steel. This is the first mistake they make when it comes to making their injection machines.


The proper reference between a production injection mold and a prototype injection mold should be based on the quality and design of the parts that it is made of.


Our Capabilities

Prototype molds can be used for low volume plastic injection molding production. TEAM MFG injection molding prototype mold capabilities include:


Quick lead time tooling/rapid prototypes

Family mold available

Master Unit Die (MUD) Inserts

Single cavity to multi cavity

Short run molds

Simple or complex geometries

Aluminum or hard tool steel


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