Introduction and operation of Rapid Prototype
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Introduction and operation of Rapid Prototype

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Rapid Prototype's technology is a new type of integrated manufacturing technology involving multiple disciplines. With the application of computer-aided design, product modeling and design capabilities have been greatly improved. However, after product design is completed and before mass production, samples must be produced to express design ideas, quickly obtain product design feedback information, and design products. The feasibility of the project is evaluated and demonstrated. So what is the brief introduction and operation mode of Rapid Prototype? Let's take a look together next.

Rapid Prototype

The following is a list of contents:

l The idea of Rapid Prototype was born

l How Rapid Prototype works

The idea of Rapid Prototype was born

Due to various reasons, it is very difficult to obtain a complete, consistent, accurate, and reasonable requirement description during the requirements analysis stage of Rapid Prototype. After obtaining a set of basic requirement descriptions, they are quickly "realized" through Rapid Prototype feedback. To deepen the understanding of the system, and meet the basic requirements of users, so that users are inspired during the trial process, supplement and refine the requirements description, eliminate uncoordinated system requirements, and gradually determine various requirements, to obtain reasonable and coordinated, unambiguous, complete, realistic and feasible requirements description. The idea of Rapid Prototypewas applied to other stages of software development and extended to the whole process of software development. That is, first use a relatively small cost and a short cycle to develop a simple, but runnable system prototype to demonstrate to users or let users try it out, to clarify and test some major design strategies as soon as possible, and then develop the actual software on this basic system.

How Rapid Prototype works

Due to the different purposes and methods of using Rapid Prototype, different strategies are adopted when using prototypes, including abandonment strategies and additional strategies.

1. The abandonment strategy is to use Rapid Prototype in a certain stage of the development process to make the development results of this stage more complete, accurate, consistent, and reliable. After this stage, Rapid Prototype becomes invalid. The exploratory and experimental types adopt this strategy.

2. The additional strategy is to use Rapid Prototype for the entire development process. Rapid Prototype starts from the most basic core, gradually adds new functions and new requirements repeatedly modifies and expands, and finally develops into a final system that users are satisfied with, an evolutionary type. Rapid Prototype adopts this strategy.

Which form and strategy to use Rapid Prototype mainly depends on the characteristics of the software project, the quality of personnel, the development tools and technologies of Rapid Prototype that can be supported, etc., which need to be decided according to the characteristics of the actual situation.

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