Low Volume Injection Molding Service
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Low Volume Injection Molding Service

TEAM MFG offers low volume injection molding service for your needs of small volume plastic molded parts.

Part Size: 150 * 150 * 38 CM

Part Material: PVC

Mold Cavity: 2 Cavities

Mold Steel: P20

Runner: Cool Runner

Custom Design, Non Exported Mold

Contact us at enquiry@teamrapidtooling.com for your injection molding projects now.

Low Volume Injection Molding Service

TEAM MFG is a OEM manufactuer, who speicialized in low volume injection molding. low volume plastic injection molding, low volume insert molding, low volume overmolding, low volume silicone rubber molding are our the scope of our low volume injection molding services. No matter for the low volume manufacturing or the mass production, we can offer the best solution to meet your needs,

What is the process of injection molding?

Inject molding is one of the manufacturing processes which widely used in volume prodcution. The basic working principle of injection molding process: the plastic is heated and melt in the injection machines, then inject the liquid material into the mold cavtiy, cooling down the plastic on mold, then eject our the form part. We can simply define the process by 5 steps, they are mold closed, injection, cooling period, resin plasticized, ejection. As injection molding process is stable, it is popular used in manufacturing, TEAM MFG is one of expert injection molding manufacturer in China, we understand the tooling and molding process, we apply the low volume molding service to make your custom parts at small volume.

What injection molding is used for?

As mentioned above, Injection molding process is widely used in plastic parts manufacturing, nearly all the plastic parts can be made by injection molding. It is a fast and stable process, which is used for large number of identical items from high precison engineering compoments to disposal consumer goods. The products by injection molding cover lots of industries such as medical, sport, electronic, transportaion, military, automotive etc, we can see the injecftion molded part easily on our daily life!

Plastic Injection Molding Types at TEAM MFG

As one of professional injection molding supplier in China, TEAM MFG can offer a series of injection molding types

  1. Prototype Mold - prototypes molding from 5 to 5000 parts.

  2. Bridge Mold - low volume production from 5000 to 100,000+ parts.

  3. Production Mold - mass prodcution for 100,000+ parts.

  4. Clear Plastic Molding - molding part in clear/transparent with glossy or texture finish.

  5. Unscrewing Mold - molding part with thread features.

  6. Insert Molding - molding metal, multiple metals or other materials into a single molding part.

  7. Overmolding - plastic overmolding on a metal, plastic or other materials to create a single molding part.

  8. Silicone Rubber Molding - molding parts in soft materals such as tpe, silicone, or other rubbers.

Advantages of Injection Molding

Injection molding is important process in manufacturing, here, we share the advantages of injection molding:

  1. Fast production and stable quality.

  2. Introducing automation to cut down labor costs.

  3. Design flexiblity.

  4. High-output from low volume molding to mass production.

  5. Diversities injection materials avaiblable.

  6. With low scarp rates under strict quality controls.

  7. Overmolding and insert molding available to reduce the secondary process and save costs.

  8. Hunderd thousands of colors can be chosen.

  9. Product consistant on every batch.

  10. Glossy and texture finishes directly on the mold.

  11. The injection molded parts can be strengthen.

Today, injection molding is not only used for medium and high volume production, it is one of the best process suitable for low volume manfuacturing, low volume production, high mix low-volume manufacturing, TEAM MFG is one of the expertise manufacturer who specialize in these volume manufacturing.

Low Volume Injection Molding 

Low volume injection molding also call short run injection molding, small run injection molding, low volume molding, it is a kind of injection molding process which used for on-demand custom low-volume plastic parts. It is popular due to the same high quality injection molded parts but less investment both on tooling and molding. 

Prototype Tooling for Low Volume Molding

Prototype tooling also known as soft tooling, it is one kind of rapid tooling. At TEAM MFG, typically the tooling material for prototpe tooling is aluminum, steel or Chinese P20, the tooling life time usaually at around 10,000 shots. This method is usually used for low volume injection molding, which the other prototyping methods can't reach as the parts needed in special properties which other prototyping materials can't acheive. In the other sides, some customers just need low volume injection molded parts to show the ideas to investors, or the designer just need low volume plastic parts worked as prototypes to test their design.

Bridge Tooling for Low Volume Manufacturing Up to 50,000+ Shots

Comparing to prototype tooling, bridge tooling is more strong, it has the longer tool life time up to 100,000 shots. At TEAM MFG, we ususally build our bridge tooling by better steel such as S136H, NAK80 etc with a standard mold base. This kind of tooling is good for the customers who have injection molding volume 1000 to 5000 parts per month, it is good to test the market and have design upgrade.

Why Low Volume Injection Molding at TEAM MFG

TEAM MFG has over 10 years experience in low volume injection molding, we served over 300 customers yearly in medical, automotic, robotic, energy, electronic industies etc from US, UK, France, Germany etc countries worldwide, we received lots of postitive feedbacks from the customers, they are happy with our low volume injection molding services, tooling and molding many plastic injection molding projects with TEAM MFG. Why us:

  1. TEAM MFG has rich experences in low volume injection molding, we are one of the founders of low volume injection molding in China.

  2. Our engineers are English speaker, we can dicuss the engineering with you from design to part molding in English, which allows you to share your considerations easily.

  3. Our dediclated project manager follows up your molding projcet from first inquiry to the final part deliery, we guarantee you know clearly about your projects. 

  4. Our QC follow the ISO standard strictly, we guarantee every parts are inspected before shipment.

  5. TEAM MFG equips with a series of advanced machines such as CNC milling machines, CNC turning machines, grinding machines, precision injection machines etc, we can make your injection mold tool and parts at soonest.

  6. TEAM MFG has strong partnership with other local manufacturers, if you need any post machining or value added services we can help you with, this can save you lots of time and money.

  7. TEAM MFG works with DHL, Fedex, UPS for years, we can offer a competitive shipping price to our customer without compromising delivery time. For the large volume parts, we can go ahead with seafreight or by rail to save the costs.

  8. After sales services to help you with the issues might happen on the received products.

How to Work with TEAM MFG

Inqury for Your Custom Injection Molded Parts

Simply send us emails at enquiry@teamrapidtooling.com together with the informations:

  1. Project details and part's applications.

  2. Demanded quantity.

  3. Parts' materials- metals or plastics.

  4. Surface finish requirments.

  5. 3D/2D drawings 

  6. Your expected ETA time.

In the order hand, you also can contact us through our website. Our project manager will according to your drawings and information to give you a formal quotation within 24 hours.

Place a Order for My Injection Molding Projcets

When you have a decison to go ahead with your injection mold tooling projects, you can:

  1. Issue the PO to our project managers.

  2. Sign on the quotation and scan it back to the project managers.

For the injection mold tooling projcets, 50% uprfont payment is needed. We will issue the PI to you, and kick off the tool building progress after getting the payment. For the long-term cooperated clients, credits can be considered. During the payment transferring time, our engineers will discuss with you about the design for manufacturing, we will raise the proposals and give you suggestions about design optimization from manufacturing prespective.

Working Flows of Injection Mold Tooling Progress at TEAM MFG

For the tooling and injection molding project, first of all, we need to build a mold then secondly for injection molding. The whole progress involves CNC machining, EDM machining, Mold fitting, Injection etc.


Our Happy Customers

The quality and detail that has been achieved has surpassed all my expectations. Absolutely amazing job guys!

Andrew, Engineer of Home Tech Innovation

Start with Rapid Prototyping First? 

TEAM MFG combines a series of rapid prototyping mehods such as CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, sheet metal prototyping to meet your needs, we can help the customers from prototype makig to low volume manfaucturing, and to the mass production, which can help the customers to save money and time. 

Contact TEAM MFG 

  1. Simply send our email at enquiry@teamrapidtooling.com together with your requirments.

  2. Fill the table form on our website.