How to Operate the Die-casting Machine Correctly?
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How to Operate the Die-casting Machine Correctly?

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Pressure die casting mold works under high temperature and high-pressure working environments, the working process is a cycle process of a hot and cold alternation. As the die-casting alloy liquid fills the cavity in a relatively short time and solidifies under pressure, the working environment is very harsh, so it needs to be operated as required when using.

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Pre-shift preparation and production readiness verification

Machine start-up

Tooling installation

Pre-shift preparation and production readiness verification

Workers in die-casting must wear labor protection articles at work according to the regulations. No shorts, undershirt, sandals, slippers, etc., and bare shoulders are strictly prohibited. And they must arrive at work 20 minutes in advance for pre-shift preparation and checking the handover records, etc. They need to prepare the tools for production and check the quality of products in this and other shifts in the last shift.

Before production, they must verify according to the "Production Preparation Operation Verification" and must check whether the actual process on-site and the process card are consistent, and input and check the processes that are not input item by item.

Machine start-up

Before starting the machine, the machine must be fully inspected to ensure that the machine is in normal condition. It is strictly forbidden to place items on the sliding parts such as guide rails and large bars when the machine is started. Before starting the machine should check whether the lubricant is in place, and manual lubrication several times, before starting the machine. Die-casting workers to start the machine should be point start, and carefully observe the operation of the machine. If there are abnormalities, immediately stop. When the machine starts, we should immediately pass cooling water, to prevent oil temperature rise. The long shutdown should be turned off the water.

Tooling installation

Before the installation of the mold, pressure die-casting workers must have a comprehensive understanding of the mold structure: to check whether the mold has a core. Is it a dynamic die core or a static die core? Is it slider core extraction, or hydraulic core extraction?

Secondly, check if there is a need to install a reset lever.

Thirdly, check whether the size of the sprue sleeve and the size of the dissolving cup are the same. Whether the position, size, and length of the top bar are suitable. To change the melt cup punch according to the mold condition, and adjust the press injection lifting mechanism if necessary. Check the dynamic and static template to ensure that the surface is free of foreign objects and high spots. The machine should be set to a manual/pointing state for adjustment when the die is installed.

If the die-casting machine is not used in a standardized way, it may cause the crafts to be unrefined and damage the customer's interest. Seriously even lead to employee casualties and other tragedies. TEAM MFG's die casting machine can effectively guarantee the durability of the equipment and the maximum safety of the personnel. And with the spirit of excellence and pioneering, we are sincerely willing to work hand in hand with friends from all walks of life and develop together.

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