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TEAM MFG is a rapid manufacturing company who specializes in ODM and OEM. Established in 2015, we offer a series of rapid manufacturing services such as rapid prototyping services, CNC machining services, injection molding services, and pressure die casting services to help with your low volume manufacturing needs. 

In the past 10 years, we assisted over 1000+ customers to launch their products to market successfully.


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Tight Tolerance
Advanced Equipment
Quality Assurance
Our prototype molds offer fast delivery of production quality plastic prototypes. Prototypes can help you reduce design risks before building multi-cavity molds and they can bridge low volume production quantities for low overall costs.
Prototype Injection Molding
With our knowledge of plastic part design we offer CAD services to make 3D files from your 2D drawings or sketches. These support services are usually free to all of our purchasing customers.
Design & Engineering
Our plastic molding company specializes in production quantities from 100 to 100,000 units per order. Our free services to you on every project will include free part design advice, help with selecting a plastic material, and target cost planning for your tooling and production.
Custom Injection Molding
As a plastic molded parts manufacturer all of our molds are made in-house and maintained by our mold making staff. Lead times to build your mold and send samples range from 5 days to 5 weeks. Our unlimited tooling life warranty means you will never see another tooling charge for the life of your project.
Plastic Injection Molds

Covering A Wide Range Of Industries

We've served customers from hundreds of industries, positive feedback received.


Aerospace & Defense​​​​​​​
Medical & Dental ​​​​​​​

Our Manufacturing Parts

TEAM MFG provides professional suggestions to cut down the manufacturing costs from manufacture and structure perspectives.

With strong local supply chains and manufacturing ability, we can give you alternative selections from materials to processes.


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TEAM MFG is a rapid manufacturing company who specializes in ODM and OEM starts in 2015.

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