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Secondary Surface Finish At TEAM MFG

Our capability of doing surface treatment service includes but is not limited to table below.


 If you need any finishing services that are not mentioned here, please contact us and let us know how we can help you.



aluminum stainless steel steel plastic brass
clear anodized polishing zinc plating plating gold plating
color anodized passivating nickel plating polishing electroplating
sandblast anodized sand blasting Chrome plating sand blasting  
chemical film laser printing oxide black laser printing  
brushing   carburized silk printing  
plating   heat treatment    
painting   painting    
powder coated   powder coated    
laser printing   electroplating    
silk printing        
Surface finishing service

The easiest way to source your custom parts, with 15+ surface finishing options. Get your parts bead blasted, anodized, or powder coated.
We offer various added-value offerings to the metal products which we provide. Some of these are machining, surface finishing and the ability to supply semi or fully assembled products.
Surface finishing such as plating, anodizing, painting and oil surface treatments are offered on various metal components only on that we supply. We do not offer these services for parts or products that are not from us.
Defining an A and a B side
Silver, gold, and chrome plating options are offered.
Surface finishing often leaves aesthetic defects on your parts, such as hang marks for anodizing. Defining an A- and a B-side in your design will ensure that the most important areas of your part remain free of defects.
Consistency requirements
You can define an A-side and a B-side in your technical drawing:
A side: Indicates the most aesthetically important surface, typically the visible side of your product.
B side: Indicates the side that is not aesthetically important, typically the side hidden from visibility after assembly
Visual inspection conditions
For the primary surface (A-side) of your part, we guarantee defect-free production. In contrast, secondary surfaces (B-side) may be machined with hanging marks and other minor defects. B-side surfaces, like the rest of your part, will be free of scratches, stains and blemishes.

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Applications of Surface Finishes

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