Rubber Molding Service

In contemporary society, rubber products are closely related to our lives. For enterprises, shaping rubber into various forms of craft products is a challenge. Team MFG has over a decade of industry experience in the field of rubber molding services. We provide top-notch custom rubber molding services to meet the precise needs of various industries.
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Rubber molding services provided by Team MFG

Rubber Injection Molding Service

Our rubber injection molding process utilizes a state-of-the-art hopper and heated barrel system. This method efficiently feeds uncured rubber, then pushes it through a plunger into a heated chamber, ensuring precise mold filling. Our process is designed to support a wide range of durometers and custom shapes, with an emphasis on reducing flash and ensuring quicker cycle times.
  • High-Volume and Low-Volume Capabilities: We are equipped to handle both high and low-volume production, adapting our techniques to suit your needs.
  • Sophisticated Parting Lines: Our expertise in setting parting lines minimizes flashes on rubber molded parts, ensuring a high-quality finish.
  • Temperature Management: We rigorously control the molding temperature to balance flow, quality, and strength of the final product.

Rubber Compression Molding Service

Recognized as one of the most cost-effective and widely used methods, compression molding is ideal for low to medium production volumes. This process involves pre-heating the rubber material and compressing it into the mold cavity using a high-pressure press. It's particularly advantageous for producing large, bulky products like gaskets, seals, and o-rings.
  • Mold Construction: We design a two-plated mold, adaptable for closed and open structures.
  • Material Placement: The molding material, mixed with a curing agent, is placed in the heated cavity.
  • Mold Compression: The material is compressed, ensuring full contact with all mold areas.
  • Heating and Curing: The mold is heated to cure the rubber effectively.
  • Final Processing: After molding, we remove overflows and prepare the product for delivery.

Benefits of Rubber Molding


Eliminates most labor, saving time and cost, and adds machine-driven consistency.


Machine-driven processing of 
raw material leads to faster production times.


Injection molding is economical, especially for high volumes of medium to high complexity products.

Advantages of Compression and Transfer Molding

Suitable for specific part designs, offering lower upfront costs, smaller material batches, and versatility in molding.

Why our Rubber Molding Service

Professional engineering team
Our engineers, project managers have experience with Asian and western business cultures, we have solid engineering background and help lots of customers from all over the world to launch products to market successfully and quickly.
Fast delivery cycle
According to different structures, 1,000 simple pieces are as little as 4 days.
High-quality rubber products
Systematic quality management to ensure high-quality products (FQC, IQC, IPQC, OQC, QE).​​​​​​​
Meet the customer's quantity requirements
No matter how much the quantity is, it can meet the customer's requirements.​​​​​​​

Rubber Molding Materials

TPE、TPU、TPV、TPR, - Silicone
- Urethane
- Polyurethane (PU)
- Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
- High-density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries

At Team MFG, we understand that each industry has unique demands and challenges. Our custom rubber molding services are designed to meet the specific needs of various sectors, including automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and consumer products. We work closely with our clients to develop rubber parts that are not just functional but also contribute to the overall success of their products.

Gallery of Rubber Molding Parts

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What is Rubber Molding?

Rubber molding shapes rubber into different products. It uses heat and pressure in a mold. This method is quick and saves costs. It also makes parts that are accurate and strong. The process includes three types: injection, compression, and transfer molding. Each type has its own use and benefits. This makes rubber molding important in making various rubber items.

Rubber Injection Molding

Advantages of Rubber Injection Molding

- Superior precision: Ideal for intricate designs requiring exact dimensions.
- Efficient production: Suitable for high-volume manufacturing, offering consistency.
- Minimal waste: Produces less scrap material, enhancing cost-effectiveness.

Disadvantages of Rubber Injection Molding

- Limited material compatibility: Best suited for silicone rubber molding and similar materials.
- Higher initial costs: Investment in specialized machinery can be substantial.




Rubber Compression Molding

Advantages of Compression Molding

- Versatility: Adaptable for various materials, including black rubber molding.
- Cost-effective: Lower tooling costs, making it suitable for custom rubber molding projects.
- Simplified process: Easier to manage and maintain, especially for flexible rubber molding.

Disadvantages of Compression Molding

- Limited complexity: Not ideal for extremely detailed or thin-walled designs.
- Longer cycle times: May not be suitable for large-scale production demands.


Rubber Transfer Molding

Advantages of Rubber Transfer Molding

- Customization: Excellently suited for qualiform rubber molding, allowing for unique part designs.
- High-quality finish: Produces parts with smooth surfaces and precise details.
- Good for small parts: Ideal for manufacturing small, intricate components.

Disadvantages of Rubber Transfer Molding

- Increased waste: Can generate more material waste compared to injection molding.
- Complex tooling: Requires intricate mold designs, which can increase production costs.

FAQs on Rubber Molding by Team MFG

  • Can you provide custom solutions for unique rubber molding needs?

    Yes, at Team MFG, we specialize in creating custom solutions tailored to the unique requirements of our clients, ensuring satisfaction in every project
  • What makes rubber injection molding efficient?

    Rubber injection molding is efficient due to its ability to produce high volumes with minimal waste, consistent quality, and reduced production time.
  • How does silicone mold rubber benefit my project?

    Silicone mold rubber offers exceptional flexibility and heat resistance, ideal for products that must endure extreme conditions while maintaining their shape and functionality.
  • Why choose EPDM rubber for molding?

    EPDM rubber is chosen for its excellent resistance to weather, UV rays, and temperature variations, making it ideal for outdoor and high-stress applications.
  • What is the advantage of custom rubber molding?

    Custom rubber molding allows for precise tailoring of rubber parts to specific dimensions and properties, ensuring a perfect fit for the intended application.

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