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Injection Molding Services

Injection molding is one of our core services at TEAM MFG. According to your demanded quantities, we apply with difference tooling methods to cut down your costs and expedite the lead-time.


Prototype mold for prototype parts range from 50 - 500 PCS


Bridge mold for low volume production parts range from 500 - 50,000 PCS


Production mold for mass production parts over 50,000 + PCS



Rapid Mold Manufacturing

Mold building as fast as 7 days!


Injection Molding at TEAM MFG

  • Molding  Type  Ⅰ

    Plastic injection molding

    Plastic injection molding is a popular process which used widely in manufacturing industry, especially for mass production. At TEAM MFG, we specialize in prototype & low volume parts injection molding, combining with rapid mold technology, we can offer injection molded parts faster than the traditional molding. Customers can have their parts in different materials, rubber part, clear part, over molding part, insert molding part, thread molding part etc are available at TEAM MFG.

  • Molding  Type Ⅱ

    Insert Molding

    Insert Molding is the insert piece(or pieces) put into the mold cavity before injecting the plastic into the mold. The resulting product is a single piece with the insert encapsulated by the plastic. And the insert can be brass nut or other customized shape insert in metals or plastics.

  • Molding  Type Ⅲ

    Over Molding

    Over molding is a multi-material injection molding process. Through Over molding, the over molding material (usually a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE / TPV)) is molded onto a first molded material, which is usually a rigid plastic. Taking a look at toothbrush handle, where the individual parts have both rigid and rubber.

Molding Materials

Elastomers, plastic materials, silicone rubbers are the 3 types commonly used injection materials at TEAM MFG. Lots of plastics and resins have been used in our projects as our worldwide customers come from different industries. In addition to our stock material options, TEAM MFG can source for desired materials and provide molding with customized raw materials that will match the desired application of your parts.

Molding Colors and Surface Finishes at TEAM MFG

Colors: we follow Pantone color, RAL color, or a physical sample for custom molding color requirements.

Surface finishes:

1. SPI polishing standard for smooth and glossy surface.

2. VDI 3400 series for sparking texture surface.

3. Mold-Tech equivalent for texture surface.

More Reasons for Choosing Us

  • Design Assistant
    TEAM MFG works out a DFM base on your design. All the critical factors such as parting lines and  gate location etc are considered.
  • Quick Turnaround
    We are experts in China with skilled technicans and advanced quipments, parts can be delivered as little as 7 calendar days. ​​​​​​​
  • Tight Tolerance
    We abide by ISO DIN 2768f to ensure the tolerance is in line with your requirements.
  • Quality Control
    TEAM MFG complies with strict quality control standards at every step. We guarantee every part is shipped with full inspection.
  • Secondary Surface Treatment
    Secondary surface treatments are available at TEAM MFG. We do surface finishing as you wish.
  • In-house Assembly
    Our in-house assembly is to simplify your supply chain. No damages and scheduling conflicts. Delivery options are available afterwards.

Move Forward to Volume Production Now?

TEAM MFG is a rapid manufacturing company who specializes in ODM and OEM starts in 2015.

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