Introduction and basic principles of Rapid Prototype
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Introduction and basic principles of Rapid Prototype

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Rapid Prototype refers to the original model that simulates a certain product and is often used in other industries. The prototype in the software development is the early runnable version of the software, and the Rapid Prototype reflects the important characteristics of the final system. So what are the introduction and basic principles of Rapid Prototype? Let's take a look together below.

The following is a list of contents:

Introduction to Rapid Prototype

The Rapid Prototype model is also called the prototype model. Rapid Prototype is another form of the incremental model; Rapid Prototype builds a prototype before developing a real system, and gradually completes the development of the entire system based on the prototype. For example, if customers need ATM software, they can design a prototype software that only includes card swiping, password detection, data entry, and receipt printing, and then provide it to customers. Services such as network processing and database access, data emergency, and fault handling are temporarily excluded. The first step of the Rapid Prototype model is to build a Rapid Prototype to realize the interaction between customers or future users and the system. The user or customer evaluates the rapid prototyping and further refines the requirements of the software to be developed. By gradually adjusting Rapid Prototype to meet customer needs, developers can determine what the customer's real needs are; the second step is to develop software products based on customer satisfaction.

The basic principle of Rapid Prototype

Rapid Prototype technology is a general term for the production of product prototypes using the principle of discrete layering. The principle of Rapid Prototype is product 3D CAD model → Rapid Prototype hierarchical discretization → process and stack raw materials layer by layer according to discrete plane geometric information → generate the solid model.

Rapid Prototype technology integrates computer technology, laser processing technology, and new material technology. Rapid Prototype technology relies on CAD software to build a three-dimensional model in a computer and divide it into a series of plane geometric information to control the scanning direction and speed of the laser beam. Rapid Prototype technology uses bonding, sintering, polymerization, or chemical reactions to selectively process raw materials layer by layer, and quickly stack to make product solid models.

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TEAM MFG is a rapid manufacturing company who specializes in ODM and OEM starts in 2015.

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