Motor Protection Cap - Pressure Die Casting Services Case Study
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Motor Protection Cap - Pressure Die Casting Services Case Study

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Motor_Cover_3D_ModelJob Specification:

Project: Motor Protection Cap

Process Involved: Pressure Die Casting Tool, Aluminum Die Casting

Part Quantity: 1 (size: 261.3x327.27x218.69mm)

Mold Quantity: 1 (size: 750x550x735.2mm)

Mold Layout: 1x1

Mold Steel: H13 (48-52)

Casting Material:  ADC 12(Aluminum Alloy)

Sample Order: 50 PCS

Mold and casting lead-Time: 35 Calendar Days



About the Client


The client is the world's leading manufacturer of fans and motors. As a technology company, we have been continuously setting global market standards since our foundation in 1963. With over 20,000 products, client offers the right, energy-efficient and intelligent solution for practically every task in ventilation and drive technology. And if not, our 650 engineers and technicians will work with you to develop a new one.


Design for Manufacture


Our experienced engineers came up with DFM that suggested the parting lines, gate location, ejection, draft, and undercuts etc. This helps the customer to know how the mold structure would be, and some suggestions to optimize the design for saving costs.

DFM_Parting_Lines  DFM_Gate_Location  DFM_Cooling_System  DFM_Design_Suggestions

Tooling Process



Mold design 


Semi-CNC machining 


Electrodes making 


Heat treatment 


Fine-CNC machining 


EDM machining 


Mold fitting 


Mold polishing 


Tool assembly 


Mold trial



FAI Report


TEAM MFG processed first part inspection, we guarantee every shipment is full inspected before shipment.

   Inspection     FAI_Report


Ready for your next pressure die casting project? Contact out team at to get strong supports.

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