What are the Process Parameters in Injection Molding?
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What are the Process Parameters in Injection Molding?

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Injection molding is similar to a doctor's needle, turning plastic heating into a melt injects the mold cavity in advance, and gets the corresponding product or part after cooling. Many of daily life is an injection, such as air conditioning shells, writing Pen, mobile phone appearance, etc.

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The injection is a method of producing modeling industrial products. Rubber products are typically used for injection molding and injection. An injection molding machine (referred to as an injection machine or injection molding machine) is the main molding apparatus for making thermoplastic or thermosetting materials into a plastic product of various shapes using plastic molding molds, and injection molding is achieved by injection molding machines and molds. So, do you know the process parameters of injection molding ?

Here is the content list:

Injection molding pressure

Injection molding time

Injection molding temperature

Pressure and time

Injection molding pressure

Injection pressure is provided by the hydraulic system of the injection molding system. The pressure of the hydraulic cylinder is transmitted to the plastic melt through the injection molding machine, and the plastic melt is pushed under pressure, and the nozzle of the injection molding machine enters the vertical flow of the mold (for some molds, main runway), the main runway, shunt Tao, and enter the mold cavity through the gate, this process is an injection molding process or called the filling process. The presence of pressure is to overcome the resistance during the melt flow, or in turn, the resistance present during the flow process requires the pressure of the injection molding machine to be canceled to ensure a smooth.

filling process.

During injection, the maximum pressure of the injection molding machine, to overcome the flow resistance of the entire process in the melt. Thereafter, the pressure is gradually decreased along with the front wave of the flow length to the front end wave, and if the exhaust gas inside the mold cavity is good, the last pressure at the front end of the melt is atmospheric.

Injection molding time

The injection time mentioned herein refers to the time required for the plastic melt full of cavities, which does not include mold opening, combined assist time. Although the injection time is very short, the impact on the molding cycle is small, but the adjustment of injection molding time has a great role in the pressure control of the gate, flow path, and cavity. Reasonable injection time helps melt ideal and is very important for improving the surface quality of the article and decreasing the dimensional tolerance.

Injection molding temperature

Injection temperature is an important factor affecting injection molding pressure. The injection molding machine cartridge has 5 to 6 heating segments, each of which has its appropriate processing temperature (detailed processing temperature can be referred to the data provided by the material supplier). The injection molding temperature must be controlled within a certain range.

The temperature is too low, the melt is plastically plasticized, affecting the quality of the molded parts, increasing the difficulty of the process; the temperature is too high, the raw material is easy to decompose. During the actual injection molding process, injection molding temperature tends to be high than the tube temperature, the value of the high out of the injection and the properties of the injection molding rate and the material can be up to 30 ° C. This is caused by shearing when the melt is cut through the inlet. This difference can be compensated in two ways when making a molding analysis, one is to measure the temperature of the melt to air, and the other is to model the nozzle.

Holding pressure and time.

At the end of the injection molding process, the screw stops rotating, but only advances forward, at which time the injection molding enters the pressure maintaining stage. During the pressure maintaining process, the nozzle of the injection molding machine continuously supplies materials to the cavity to fill the volume vacated by the shrinkage of the parts. If the mold cavity is full and the pressure is not maintained, the part will shrink by about 25%, especially the shrinkage marks will be formed at the rib due to excessive shrinkage. The holding pressure is generally about 85% of the maximum filling pressure, which should be determined according to the actual situation.

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