Wireless Mobile Video Metal Case - CNC Machining Services Case Study
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Wireless Mobile Video Metal Case - CNC Machining Services Case Study

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 Wireless_Mobile_Video_Metal_Case_ModelJob Specifications:


Services: CNC Machining, Sandblasting, Anodizing, Silk Printing

Material: Al6061

Project: Medical Device

Order Quantities: 100 Units

Lead-Time: 12 Calendar Days 


About The Project:


The client required 100 units of milled aluminum case in anodizing and with silk printing. As these parts were the first batch to test the market, they had a target price.  TEAM MFG could meet their need. We were able to deliver a complete set of parts (upper cover, bottom cover, and activating lever) for less than they could get in Israel.



About the Client:


Infodraw is a global provider of wireless mobile video solutions, based on its innovative wireless media streaming products. The company designs, develops and produces embedded media devices that combine dedicated software for encoding, streaming and monitoring high quality video, audio, location and control. The device is one of the hot sell products at their side.



About the Product:


Advanced wireless mobile video

- Location & Geo-Fencing

- 2 or 4 Video Channels

- Audio in & out

- LTE Cellular & Wi-Fi



How the Parts Were Made:


CNC Machining


Al 6061 –T6 has good performance not only for mechanism but also machining, it is not expensive and looks great after anodizing. Also, aluminum is lightweight, it is easy to carry and fix. A 3-axis CNC mill is used to route the profile of this case.

CNC_Machining_Route1  CNC_Machining_Route2  Tapping


Black Anodizing


After a thorough cleaning and sandblasting, we process the anodizing progress. This is a passivation technique that adds color while increasing corrosion and scratch resistance. It looks great after anodizing.

Bare_Parts  Part_without_Anodizing  After_Anodizing

Silk Printing

               Silk-Printing1   Silk-Printing2

Final Product

     Final_Product_Parts     Final_Product_Assembly

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