3 Low Volume Manufacturing Strategies You Need to Know
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3 Low Volume Manufacturing Strategies You Need to Know

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Not all low-volume manufacturing processes are the same. They need to be nurtured in the way that is most beneficial to the creator's product and target market. This is why anyone considering a small batch approach should look at some of the more popular options to choose the best route to market. So what is the strategy of low-volume manufacturing? Let's take a look.

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The following is a list of contents:

High-mix low-volume manufacturing

Adaptive Lean Small Batch Manufacturing

Just-in-time manufacturing

High-mix low-volume manufacturing

High-mix low-volume manufacturing may seem like a chaotic process because usually, many different products are produced in small batches. This strategy will require many process changes and multiple materials and tools. Therefore, high-mix low-volume manufacturing is not a very suitable option for the assembly line environment because it requires creativity and adaptability.

Adaptive Lean Small Batch Manufacturing

At first glance, the principles of lean may not seem to be designed for low-volume manufacturing, but some useful aspects apply. One of the elements is waste reduction. Even in the case of small batches, it is good to create a process to allow building a single product in as few steps as possible. Through continuous efforts to improve methods, creators can better scale up their operations and make the production phase more cost-effective.

The use of adaptive lean models in low-volume manufacturing is not suitable for all situations. When creating a series of identical products or products that are not particularly complex, it is usually best to use this method because the process allows very little deviation. For those who are particularly concerned about cost control, Lean may be one of the best solutions. Standardization of low volume manufacturing will allow them to understand exactly where the most important percentage of their funds is going, and then reduce them as needed.

Just-in-time manufacturing

Low volume manufacturing can work in low-volume and high-volume environments. This is really about low-volume manufacturing service demand. The product is not created when it is expected to sell, but it is manufactured after the order. This option allows manufacturers to control costs while maintaining low inventory and saving storage space.

Low volume manufacturing is most suitable for areas where product creation is very time-consuming or expensive. It is especially useful when the materials used to develop the product are scarce or expensive. This is why it is a popular model in the automotive industry. This is also a production method that matches the creation of custom projects.


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