How to maintain the -casting machine?
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How to maintain the -casting machine?

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Maintaining a pressure die casting machine well is important. Only if the machine is well maintained, its life span will be greatly extended. This will not only let the enterprise benefit greatly but also let the customer enjoy the high-quality die-casting service. Here we will talk about how to protect the machine. The maintenance machine should be divided into the following points.

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Hydraulic system

Electrical part

Hydraulic system

First of all, we should use qualified hydraulic oil. Die-casting machines in the work should eliminate the use of deteriorated thickened and sediment hydraulic oil. When in the replacement of hydraulic oil do not mix the old and new hydraulic oil, each oil change must be installed after the oil tank cover. The hydraulic oil should be replaced after 500 hours of operation of the new machine, and once every 2000 operating hours thereafter. Each time the hydraulic oil is replaced, the filter element should be cleaned: unload the filter element, dip it into clean diesel oil, clean it with a steel brush, and then blow it clean with compressed air. When disassembling any high-pressure parts, such as hydraulic valve, oil pipeline, etc., the pressure oil must be released first, because there may be residual pressure inside, therefore, when loosening the screws, they should be loosened slowly, and only after the residual pressure is removed, can the screws be loosened completely.

Electrical part

The first time you turn on the pressure die-casting machine or replace the power supply line and motor line, you should first determine whether the motor steering is correct. The specific method is: start the motor button, observe the motor steering from the motor tail fan, and the motor should turn clockwise.

Clamping part

The bending elbow of the die-casting machine is the key part of the mold closing system, every three months the bending elbow part of the screw should be re-tightened once. Regularly check the sliding bearing (copper division) and seal (dust seal) of the moving type seat plate. If there is wear and tear, should be replaced on time. Adjustment of the sliding foot of the movable seat plate should be moderate, too tight will cause early wear of the steel plate and the curved elbow, too loose or too tight will lead to deformation or wear of the pulling bar and the opening and closing of the mold action is not normal. The speed of mold movement should be selected as slow, and the appropriate pressure and flow rate should be set. The mold movement must be carried out after the termination of the mold opening movement, otherwise, it will lead to the damage of the threads of the goring column or the adjusting nut.

Manufacturers in the development of very little energy will be put into the maintenance of this above, are bent on the pursuit of profits, and will be neglected. TEAM MFG is a company that has a dedicated team to research and save money, control, and improve efficiency. If you need a pressure die casting service, please feel free to contact us.

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