How does the Injection Molding Service Work?
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How does the Injection Molding Service Work?

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In the mold industry, injection molds have been commonly used. Injection molds are a processing method used in the mass production of parts, mainly in industrial applications. So, what is the working principle of injection mold? What are the considerations for it? Here is the content list.

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Working principle

The feed hopper, screw, and heated barrel are the 3 main components in an injection molding machine.The machine acts as a power source to inject plastic powder or pellets into the mold, molding the part to the dimensions of the mold cavity. The plastic pellets enter the screw through the feed hopper. At the right melting temperature, the plastic becomes liquid and is then injected into the mold cavity by the frictional action of the screw. Finally, the liquid plastic cools and takes the shape of the cavity. We can provide multi-cavity injection molds for a single part, or a series of molds for different parts. For multi-cavity molds, the molder can use a switch gate system to make parts with multiple plastics. It is also possible to perform insert molding or secondary molding during the plastic injection molding process.


Handling of plastics

Since the PC belongs to plastic materials, so it's large water absorption, drying before processing must be preheated. Dried pure PC 120 ℃, modified PC general use temperature 110 ℃ dried over 4 hours. Drying time should not exceed 10 hours. Generally available to air extrusion method to determine whether the drying is sufficient. The proportion of recycled material used can be up to 20%. In some cases, 100% of the recycled material can be used, the actual amount depends on the quality requirements of the product. The recycled material should not be mixed with different masterbatches at the same time, otherwise, the properties of the finished product will be seriously damaged.

Dwell time

If it stays too long at a high temperature, the material will degrade and put also CO2 and turn yellow. Do not use LDPE, POM, ABS, or PA to clean the barrel. Some modified PC plastic raw materials, due to the number of recycling too many times (molecular weight reduction) or a variety of components mixed unevenly, easy to produce dark brown liquid bubbles.

To use injection molding, it is necessary to understand its working principle and precautions. Injection molding is a complex process that involves a range of knowledge, and it is not something that can be easily handled overnight. Even though you can now get information on the Internet, experience is not something you can simply preach. Chinese plastic injection molding manufacturers, such as TEAM MFG, have been working in injection molding for more than a decade. You can contact our company to get more knowledge about injection molding services.

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