Mass Production vs Small Batch Production
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Mass Production vs Small Batch Production

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Low volume manufacturing is called part of pre-production, which is a manufacturing technology that accelerates mass production. The low-volume manufacturing process involves manufacturing at a rate of 50 to 100,000 parts.

Low volume manufacturing depends on factors such as manufacturing process, mold, and materials used. So what is the comparison between mass production and low volume manufacturing? Next, let's take a look at the comparison between mass production and low volume manufacturing.

Low-volume Injection Molding

The following is a list of contents:

Mass production

Low volume manufacturing

The low volume manufacturing process

Mass production

Mass production is different from low volume manufacturing, usually, tens of thousands and the product needs to be opened. Working equipment: special fixtures, such as milling fixtures, grinding fixtures, automotive fixtures, bench drill fixtures, etc. In short, the processing efficiency of mass production is very different from that of low volume manufacturing.

Low volume manufacturing

In industrial production, low-volume manufacturing involves issues such as materials, processes, costs, and quantities used. Many parts cannot be mass-produced by machines. This requires small-scale or low-volume manufacturing through some special processes. In the middle, manual processing may also involve low-volume manufacturing, which can save time and material costs and speed up the product launch cycle. Low volume manufacturing is inseparable from the prototype model. The prototype model is the premise of low volume manufacturing, and low volume manufacturing is based on the prototype model. Small-batch manufacturing and processing are mainly small-batch processing, which to a large extent can meet more personalized product customization.

Small batch production process

1. New product project team

The new product project team prepares and the manager issues a new product trial production plan → low volume manufacturing-related operating standards → related low volume manufacturing process documents → product design documents → low volume manufacturing pilot test qualification report → low volume manufacturing product quality outline.

2. Process Group of Production Department

Process engineers and product engineers compile "Process Operation Manual" → process engineers design small-batch manufacturing production process lines → equipment engineers and test engineers debug production and test equipment → product engineers and process engineers conduct new product training for production line workers → process supervisors make low volume manufacturing trial production target, trial production operation organization and production technical support.

3. Production Department

Low volume manufacturing production line workers receive ingredients according to the trial production plan for trial production → on-line production → departmental technical process group engineers check whether the production line workers are operating according to the process requirements, and feedback the adaptive manufacturing process route of low volume manufacturing → low volume manufacturing quality department Inspection → After successful, small batch production is qualified.


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