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Find Your Pressure Die Casting Solution at TEAM MFG

At TEAM MFG China Limited, our die casting process is meticulously outlined to produce geometrically complex metal parts without compromising on quality. Our pressure die casting mold is cost-effective and methods for producing high-fidelity low to medium volume metal parts with tight tolerances, excellent surface finishes and dimensional precision. 

Offering pressure die casting services for over ten years has allowed us to leverage our manufacture capabilities to deliver low-volume batch production of as little as 30 to 1000 units, while operations are very scalable to achieve up to 100,000 + parts at an even lower cost-per-part.


Why Us For Pressure Die Casting

Professional engineering supports and analysis

Low volume manufacturing is acceptable

High efficiency and fast delivery

Stable quality under ISO quality control system

Multiple materials and methods to cut down investments

Our Die Casting Parts

Pressure Die Casting Materials

Mold Tools

Our mold tools are usually made in H13 tool steel with a Rockwell hardness of 42-48. 2. Specialty steels are available upon request.​​​​​​​

Die Cast Parts

Different metals are available for casting. Your choice of materials may depend on cost, weight and performance.

Here are some tips:

1. Aluminum is ideal for strong, lighweight yet complex geometries. It can also be highly polished. Our alloys include ADC12, A380, ADC10 and A413.

2. Zinc is the least expensive but is good for plating. Available alloys are Zinc #3 and #5.

3. Magnesium offers the best strength-to-weight ratio for higher performance applications. We offer magnesium alloy AZ91D.

Advanced CNC Machines For Post-Machining

In order to achieve an accurate process and high precise die casting parts, TEAM MFG invests a series of advanced CNC machines and tools. Combining with the rich CNC machining experience, we know how to make jig fixture to shorten machining time and guarantee the post machining accuracy.

Therefore you can find a competitive price and a short lead time solution under one-roof at TEAM MFG.​​​​​​​

Looking for Low-volume Pressure Die Casting Services?

TEAM MFG is a rapid manufacturing company who specializes in ODM and OEM starts in 2015.

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