What are the 5 Most Common CNC Machine?
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What are the 5 Most Common CNC Machine?

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CNC machining center common 5 kinds of machinery and equipment

Advanced manufacturing technology continues to mature, precision machining machines are widely used, the requirements of CNC machine tool and CNC system also is higher and higher. People are constantly researching and developing new machining center equipment to meet the needs of enterprise production.

CNC machining

Five-axis machining center

Five-axis linked machining center can realize one installation to complete the parts of milling, boring, drilling, reaming, tapping and other multi-processes. Five-axis machining center has 2 key core components technology, one is the dual oscillating angle universal machining head, the other is the dual-axis rotary table. The double oscillating angle universal machining head is used for large machine tools, and the double oscillating axis rotary table is used for small machine tools.

Turning and milling machining center

The machine tool has double spindles, double tool holders, double C-axis and W-axis, a total of 7 axes, divided into two groups of three linkage fully closed-loop control. The parts can be mounted once to complete the turning, indexing eccentric drilling, positioning milling and other multi-processes.

Turning, milling and grinding composite machining center

The common CNC turning, milling and grinding machining center can complete multiple machining processes on the parts in one loading, and can carry out heavy cutting and high precision machining, suitable for large bearing processing.

Turning, milling and grinding gear machining complex center

Turning center in the rotary tool holder installed on the second spindle and grinding wheel axis. The second spindle can be installed with gear tool and worm wheel, which can realize five-axis linkage.

Grinding compound machining center

The CNC system of the grinding machining center not only controls the wheel holder and table feed, but also controls the spindle rotation and wheel holder rotation, which can carry out external grinding and automatic indexing of the wheel holder, and complete automatic cycle grinding of internal and external circles and end faces with one loading, for various high-precision grinding processes.

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