What is the Maintenance of Injection Molding Machine?
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What is the Maintenance of Injection Molding Machine?

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Repair and maintenance methods of injection molding machines

Injection molding machine is also known as injection machine. It is the main molding equipment that uses plastic molding molds to make thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic into various shapes of plastic products.

Maintenance methods for injection molding machines.

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The maintenance of injection molding machine often requires more than two workers at the same time, therefore, when carrying or operating the table machine, be sure to remind each other to pay attention to safety!

Injection molding machine maintenance and repair steps.

a, daily inspection

1, check and adjust various safety facilities, (before using and operating the machine must ensure that all safety facilities are normal)

2, check the amount of oil in the lubricating oil tank (must add the same brand of new oil)

3, check the oil level on the hydraulic oil tank. If the oil level is lower than the center line of the level gauge, add hydraulic oil to the center line. (Need to add the same brand of new oil)

b, 1000 hours after the first operation

1、Replace or clean the oil suction filter

2、Replace the hydraulic oil and clean the oil tank

c, every 5000 hours of operation or up to one year

1、Replace or clean the air filter

2, replace the hydraulic oil (old and new hydraulic oil can not be mixed)

d, every 20,000 hours of operation or up to 5 years

1、Check and replace the seals and wear rings of the hydraulic cylinder

2、Replace the high pressure hose

e, every 3 years to replace the controller (host) battery

Every 5 years to replace the battery on the operating panel

The maintenance of the lubrication system

1, table machine in the process of use, to regularly observe the table machine lubrication points are in normal working condition. Please note that each second lubrication time must be sufficient to ensure that each lubrication point of the entire lubrication system is well lubricated. Machine lubrication mold each lubrication times (interval time) and time through the computer parameters of the reasonable setting to achieve

2, regular observation of the lubrication system work, so that the lubricant in the oil tank to maintain a reasonable oil level. If it is found that the lubrication is not if good, it should be lubricated in time, and check the lubrication of each lubrication point to ensure that the machine is well lubricated.

The air filter maintenance

The role of the tank air filter is to breathe on the tank to prevent external dust and other dirt into the tank, so it is a non-regular maintenance of very important parts.

The air filter is mounted on the top of the fuel tank. To clean it, loosen the cap first, replace the air filter, and then tighten the cap. Note that the cap must be tightened, otherwise oil will splash out.

The correct maintenance method of injection molding machine can prolong the service life of injection molding machine.

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