What are the development steps of Rapid Prototype?
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What are the development steps of Rapid Prototype?

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Rapid Prototype technology is a new type of integrated manufacturing technology involving multiple disciplines. It has brought us great convenience to our production and life. In today's increasingly fierce market competition, time is the benefit. To improve product market competitiveness, the entire process from product development to mass production is urgently required to reduce costs and increase speed. The emergence of Rapid Prototype technology provides an effective way to solve this problem. So what are the development steps of Rapid Prototype? Let's take a look together next.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Quickly analyze Rapid Prototype

  • Construct Rapid Prototype

  • Run Rapid Prototype

  • Evaluate Rapid Prototype

  • Modify Rapid Prototype

Quickly analyze Rapid Prototype

In close cooperation between analysts and users, the basic requirements of the Rapid Prototype system are quickly determined, and the basic requirements are described according to the characteristics of the Rapid Prototype to meet the needs of developing prototypes.

Construct Rapid Prototype

Based on the rapid analysis of Rapid Prototype, a feasible system is realized as soon as possible according to the basic requirements. This requires the support of powerful software tools and ignores the requirements of certain details of the final system, such as Rapid Prototype security, robustness, exception handling, etc. The main consideration is that the Rapid Prototype system can fully reflect the characteristics to be evaluated. And temporarily delete all secondary content.

Run Rapid Prototype

Running Rapid Prototype is a step to discover problems, eliminate misunderstandings, and fully coordinate developers and users.

Evaluate Rapid Prototype

Based on the operation of Rapid Prototype, evaluate the characteristics of Rapid Prototype, analyze whether the operation effect of Rapid Prototype meets the user's wishes, correct misunderstandings in past interactions and errors in analysis, add new requirements, and meet changes in the environment or users Rapid Prototype system requirements changes caused by new ideas, and comprehensive amendments are proposed.

Modify Rapid Prototype

Modifications are made based on the results of the evaluation of Rapid Prototype activities. If Rapid Prototype does not meet the requirements of the requirements description, indicating that there is an inconsistent understanding of the requirements description or the implementation plan is not reasonable enough, Rapid Prototype is quickly modified according to the clear requirements.

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TEAM MFG is a rapid manufacturing company who specializes in ODM and OEM starts in 2015.

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