Consumer and Durable Goods Manufacturing
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Consumer and Durable Goods Manufacturing

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What is consumer durable goods industries?

The durable goods industry is an industry related to items that are used for a long time, at least one year, such as refrigerators, automobiles, televisions, and machinery and equipment.

Consumer and durable goods manufacturing

What are the main raw materials generally used in mechanical processing plants?

The main raw materials are divided into metal materials and non-metal materials, metal materials are mainly carbon steel, stainless steel and other alloy steel, to mechanical processing production products and services related to the industry; non-metal materials are mainly some engineering plastics, such as tetrafluoro, nylon, of course, there may be ceramics and other special materials.

Consumer and durable goods manufacturing

What is consumer goods manufacturing?

The main materials used in the machinery manufacturing industry are cast iron.

According to the different states and forms of carbon present in cast iron, cast iron can be divided into

White cast iron: most of the carbon exists in the carburized state, the fracture is bright white, the carburized body is hard and brittle, less used in machinery.

Gray cast iron: graphite flakes exist

Malleable cast iron: flocculent

Ductile iron: round spherical

Ductile iron: worm-like

In the case of the same matrix organization, the mechanical properties (strength, plasticity, toughness) of ductile iron are the highest, malleable cast iron is the second, worm cast iron is the second, and gray cast iron is the worst. However, due to the low cost of gray cast iron and its excellent characteristics of castability, machinability, wear resistance and shock absorption, it is the most widely used cast iron in industry.

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