Medical Device Components Manufacturing
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Medical Device Components Manufacturing

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What is the manufacturing process for medical devices?

CNC medical applications

How CNC Machining Makes Medical Parts?

CNC machined manufactured items include a variety of surgical instruments used in medical procedures such as trocar needles, bone drills and saws. When CNC machining is used, parts are typically milled using 3 to 5 axes or turned using a moving tool CNC lathe. The most common types of machines used in the manufacturing of medical parts include CNC milling, lathe machining, drill press machining and computerized milling machines. Reliability and high quality are paramount in the machining of medical parts, so the medical device industry has placed new demands on specialized precision tools Difficult to machine materials, complex workpiece shapes and frequent CNC small batch production place high demands on the tools used to machine specialized medical devices. The main manifestations are.

CNC medical application

1, the requirements of cnc processing machine tools are relatively high

Like the Swiss automatic lathe, multi-spindle machine tools and rotary table and other advanced medical device processing equipment, and usually look at the machining center and lathe is completely different, their size is very small, very compact structure; in line with such requirements, the structure of the tool also needs to have a special design, the size of the tool is required to be small, but also to ensure the rigidity of the tool.

2、High requirements for cnc machining efficiency

For medical devices, the most important thing is the processing efficiency, that is, the processing beat, the requirements in the shortest possible time, to be able to change the blade.

3, The workpiece and other mechanical parts

They have a great difference; implanted in the human body medical devices first require very good performance finish, very high precision, can not have any deviation, which requires the tool from the design of the blade structure to the design of the blade coating to meet the very high processing requirements.

4, CNC processing requirements.

Tolerances in the micron range are common in the medical industry, and choosing the right tool requires keen insight and extensive experience. On the one hand, even drilling small holes requires the use of lubricants to reduce friction, reliable heat dissipation and handling of fine chips at the cutting edge; on the other hand, the production of cutting-edge medical devices requires the use of sharp and smooth-running cutting tools to obtain a high-quality surface.

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